-Frequently Asked Questions-

What percentage do I need to tip the bartenders?

Our bartenders work off of tips. If you want to cover the bartenders tip, we typically base the tipping amount off of a 20% gratuity of the total booking price.

Do you provide ice?

We provide ice to keep the beer/wine cool and to use for the mixed drinks. Ice for the additional drinks (nonalcoholic) provided by the client is not provided.

Do you provide the nonalcoholic drinks?

We do not provide the nonalcoholic drinks. Our mixers are used strictly for the mixed drinks.

What are the sizes of the trailers?

The blue trailer is 19' long and 8' wide. The cream trailer is 11' long and 7.5' wide. All spots for the trailer must allow access for a truck to set up the trailers.

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